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10 Surprising Ways to Reduce Hair Loss

Surprising Ways to Reduce Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the crucial health-related challenges faced by both men and women around the world.

Do you often face the issue of the bulk of hair fall?

Or are you tired of trying out new methods of hair loss prevention?

Well, in this article, we’ll reveal out certain surprising ways of reducing the hair loss problem faced by many.

It is common to lose around 50-100 hair strands each day but when the loss is excessive, it’s an indication to take things seriously. A noticeable emptier hairline is the first indication that reveals about an excessive hair loss.

Consider the following easy-to-follow tips to reduce your hair loss complications.

1. Hair hygiene – Like the maintenance of body hygiene, hair hygiene is also a significant factor to keep yourself fit and healthy. It is essential to keep your hair scalp healthy and oxygenated by undergoing a clean hair wash. Using a mild hair shampoo can boost hair hygiene.

Daily hair wash is beneficial

Hair hygiene
1. Hair hygiene

Most of the people are under the concept that daily hair wash can multiply hair loss. That’s just a myth! Ensure to keep your hair clean by washing but avoid the use of shampoos or conditioner on daily basis.

2. Strong hair – Having long hair doesn’t mean that it is healthy. Regardless of how long or short your hair is, it should be strong enough to fight against the issue of hair loss.

Vitamin B is highly beneficial as it promotes blood circulation to the scalp whereas, B1 enhances hair growth. On the other hand, B5, B6, and B12 prevent the instances of hair loss to a great extent.

Strong hair
2. Strong hair

Vitamin A and C safeguards the hair fiber from being exposed to dangerous external threats. The minerals such as iron, zinc, or potassium enhance hair growth and oxygenation to the scalp.

3. Laser comb – Using the laser combs have a certified approval from FDA. A study has revealed that around 103 men using laser comb has witnessed an increase in hair density. They used the laser hair comb for around 26 weeks, which resulted in a pattern change of their hair loss issues. The low power laser of the combs consists of an antioxidant effect which strengthens the hair follicles.

4. Hair products – Today, we can witness several hair care products emerging in the market. And being a hair loss victim, most of us try to make an experiment with all of such products.

Stop trying out all the hair products, just to notice a positive change

Before you try out a product, try to understand the nature and health status of your hair.

Hair products
4. Hair products

Most of the hair gels and other styling products that claim to boost hair growth, leads to drastic hair loss in reality. These products are composed of chemicals that might get trapped inside your hair follicle. It prevents new hair from emerging through the surface. Henceforth, make sure to avoid such chemical based gels or creams.

5. Say no to hot shower – A hot shower might be helpful for your body but it isn’t good for the health of your hair. Hot hair showers can damage the hair scalps and can boost the issues of hair dryness and inflammation.

The scalp inflammation caused due to the hot showers can weaken your hair follicles and might lead to hair thinning. It leads to an increase in hair loss and extreme baldness, in certain cases.

Say no to hot shower
5. Say no to hot shower

6. Scalp massage – Do you give importance to a consistent body massage? If so, it’s also time to give equal importance to hair massage.

Do not skip the scalp massage

6. Scalp massage
6. Scalp massage

Performing scalp massage under shower through a shampoo or conditioner is proved to be doubly beneficial. Scalp massage improves blood circulation and simultaneously boosts hair growth. It increases the gene activities which leads to hair thickening.

Move your fingertips in a slow and circular motion

A healthy and time-to-time scalp massage can also reduce your stress levels to a large extent. Stress levels are one of the vital factors that result in hair loss.

7. Say no to hair tools – The advent of a hair dryer or hair straightener has made the task of managing our hair quite easy. Isn’t it? But, that’s not healthy!

Heat always has an adverse effect on your hair. It can cause hair damage, split ends, the fracturing of hair strands, and the emergence of harsh and lifeless hair.

Say no to hair tools
7. Say no to hair tools

While using a hair curler or a straightener, make sure not to place the tool at one place for too long. Keep moving the heating tool so that it doesn’t render excessive heat to one specific spot.

Using the heating tools only in the most needful situations

Dry your hair naturally rather than using a hair dryer and try to detangle your hair with fingers.

8. Be cautious about chemical treatment – As we said, heat is injurious to the health of your hair. So, is the chemical treatments.

Avoid hair colors

The different chemical treatments offered by a parlor such as straightening, smoothening, or bleaching can impose dangerous and hidden threats on your hair. It can damage the hair shaft and enhance hair weakening through persistent hair loss.

Be cautious about chemical treatment
8. Be cautious about chemical treatment

Love the essence of your natural hair color and style rather than going for the different chemical treatments.

9. Essential oils – Essential oils have a long-lasting benefitting effect on your hair. Various essential oils including lavender, carrot, or rosemary render a smooth and balancing property. It facilitates scalp conditioning and hair growth.

Essential oils – Natural way to beat hair loss

Essential oils
9. Essential oils

Add a few drops of essential oil on your scalp, followed by a great hair massage. Today, most of the varied essential oils can be found easily in medical or grocery stores or can be bought through an online purchase.

10. Hair wash – Rubbing your hair harshly during hair wash can affect the sebaceous gland which can further cause oily hair. Massage your hair in a circular motion while washing and then, ensure to wash with cold water.

Make sure to be gentle with your hair

Our hair is more vulnerable to damage when it is wet. Hence, be sure to take care of the wet hair with proper attention. Use a dry towel and make sure to squeeze your hair rather than rubbing harshly. When dealing with wet hair, try to use a wide tooth comb.

Hair wash
10. Hair wash

Hair loss can occur to numerous factors such as pregnancy, hormonal changes, medical conditions, stress, or new styling practices. Therefore, before you go in for any kind of hair treatments, make sure to diagnose the cause of hair loss.

The above-mentioned are a few tips which can help you to overcome the challenges of hair loss slowly. To get an effective result, make sure to incorporate them into your day-to-day health care routine.

Sooner, we would be coming up with the natural ways to treat hair fall. Stay tuned until then!


Written by Meera V Nair

Meera V Nair is a professional and a multi-faceted writer and blogger, engaged in developing blogs and articles centered around health, fitness, and lifestyle. Her prime motive in writing is to develop an insightful article to create awareness about a topic/issue among the target viewers in society.

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