Is Your EX Getting Married? Let’s Deal It!

Is Your EX Getting Married?Let’s Deal It!

In touch with your ex? Heard about his/her marriage? Feeling troubled, frustrated, or terrible? Relax! Face it with ease and comfort!

Well, hats off to the technology! News travels faster than word-of-mouth and maybe technology such as social media platforms help you know about your ex’s marriage instantly.

The concept of the relationship differs from person to person. For some, it may be the most beautiful phase of their lifetime whereas, for some, it might turn out to be rough and sour. But, when you break up with your partner, no matter who betrayed or dumped, it’s a terrible and painful period.

What adds butter to the fire, is the outburst of the news – Your ex is getting married!

Hearing the news of your ex-husband getting re-married or your ex-partner settling down with someone else, definitely, it’s a phase with mixed emotions. Depression, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, loss of sleep, or feeling lonely take up the center stage at that moment.

But guys, remember, it’s just a temporary phase. Sitting in the past, weeping and howling over your ex getting married won’t save you at any cost. When they can get married, be happy, and move ahead, why can’t you?

You do not have to take the baggage of your past into your present and future. Cry or shout out, but only to let go off the pain and hurt. Make sure that it doesn’t ruin your future.

Heart broken

Every dark cloud has a silver lining

Getting over a relationship wherein you played a genuine role, takes a lot of time. But, hearing the news of your ex getting married, is like taking a knife and making a cut over the already existing wound.

Even the strongest of people gets a little weak at such a point. But remember, every break up leads you the way to a better future. If things didn’t work out the way you wanted, it’s because God has created another beautiful way for you.

On hearing upon the marriage of your ex, all of a sudden, you might visit back to the past. You might revisit the memories of being together and it might break you down. But focus on why you broke? Never let that specific chapter tear you into pieces again!

Let me suggest a few ways which could be followed by you to deal with the marriage news of your ex in the most coolest and chilled out way.

1. Take Time

As I said, this period involves a series of mixed emotions. But allow yourself to go through it, feel the pain, and let it go slowly. Remember, mental pain is equal to the physical pain that you experience. Healing takes a lot of time, but never let that healing process to stay for a longer time. Let out the emotions by talking freely to a friend, sip a cup of coffee, get yourself comfortably seated and vent out your pain.

Take Time

Do not silence up yourself or bottle up your emotions.

There are people around who genuinely worry for you. Get the right approach and talk to them about what exactly you are feeling or going through.

2. Stop stalking

As normal human beings, we always get the tendency of stalking their social media platforms. You might be desperate to go through their wedding photographs or comments on the photographs. Don’t do it! Have the courage to ignore stalking their profiles once they get married.

Stop Talking

Block them everywhere!

Nothing in this world is impossible. All you need is to have a strong will power and confidence in yourself to overcome the pain. Stop acting silly by browsing through their wedding pictures and hurting yourself more.

3. They Moved On

Get this fact straight into your head – When they can move on and choose happiness, what is making you stay back and suffer in the name of non-existent love? Moving on doesn’t mean that you should go into another relationship or get married.

Move On

Choose happiness over the betrayal or pain you received in the past.

Do things that make you happy and enjoy your life. Remember, you just have one life and try not to waste it for someone unworthy. If they left you in your toughest moments, they do not deserve to get your attention.

Imagine how you would see yourself 10 years down the lane? Happy? Self-satisfied? Successful career? Great family? If yes, then throw your past, emotions connected with your ex, out of your system.

4. Keep the distance alive

Generally, most of the people do not invite their ex for the wedding. They consider it to be awful or weird. But, if you receive a wedding invitation from your ex, do not turn up for the event.

Your presence or absence, isn’t going to make a difference!

Is Your EX Getting Married? Let’s Deal It!

Make sure that you keep a distance from your ex, once they get married. Hadn’t blocked them yet? Block them straight away, no mercies! Keeping yourself in touch with them will break you more into disastrous pieces.

5. Surround yourself with good vibes and good friends

Having a group of reliable and supporting good friends is far and far better than losing a disloyal and unworthy ex. No matter how good or bad your ex was, hearing about their marriage can give you goosebumps and severe mental stress and pain.

Is Your EX Getting Married? Let’s Deal It!

Get engaged with your friend’s circle and talk to them about your pain!

Feeling angry or jealous? Just let it out by talking openly with your friends and most importantly, take their advice. Go for a short trip along with your friends, spend time doing something that excites you, rather than keeping yourself locked up in a dark room. Roam around, travel, and discover the lost you.

6. Recall what made your relationship break

Most of the relationships break due to the misunderstanding, lack of love, betrayal from one side, false hopes, and so on. Rather than concentrating on the good times, recall and analyze what made you drift apart from your ex. Obviously, there might be a valid reason.

Recall and rethink

Focus on why the relationship didn’t work

Once you accept the reality of why it didn’t work out, it will be quite easy to face the situation of dealing with the news of your ex’s wedding.

7. Give the respect

Past is past. Though it will be painful, try to wish good luck for your ex with a genuine and clean heart. They might have hurt you, betrayed you, and might have destroyed your self-worth. But revenge would never be a solution.

Forgive them for what they did, not for them, but your peace.

Though you might not get an opportunity to wish them, be genuinely happy for your ex on this new journey.

Saying might seem to be easy and to be practical might be a difficult reality. But, remember your past, especially if it’s a painful one, should not deserve to intervene or disturb your future.

Memories are valuable, keep them in your heart, treasure them, and move on. Wishing good luck for your ex would be a tough job, but gather all the courage and let them go for their best.


Stay strong, bold, and face the painful reality with a smile on your face.

You are precious, maybe not for your ex, but for your parents, family, and friends. Life is a long journey. And you do not deserve to waste this beautiful life and moments, just by thinking about someone who left you the midway.

Most importantly, love and embrace yourself and give a pat on your shoulders for overcoming this dark phase.


Written by Meera V Nair

Meera V Nair is a professional and a multi-faceted writer and blogger, engaged in developing blogs and articles centered around health, fitness, and lifestyle. Her prime motive in writing is to develop an insightful article to create awareness about a topic/issue among the target viewers in society.

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