Motorola releases a 48 Megapixel camera with 5G upgradable moto Z4

Motorola releases a 48 Megapixel camera with 5G upgradable motoZ4

Motorola’s new Moto Z4, the $499 handset has launched. It’s the successor of last year’s moto z3. The phone comes with a 48 Megapixel camera, night photography mode, 2 days battery backup, and other welcome upgrades.

Motorola releases a 48 Megapixel camera with 5G upgradable motoZ4
The 19:9 OLED screen measuring 6.4 inches(Credit: Motorola)

It’s a kinda-sort 5G Smartphone with a 48-megapixel camera, and its definitely an upgrade to its previous successor Moto Z3, the processor is very much a step-down. There are a very few 5G-ready phones around, and someone even fewer at this price-point.

Among the highlights of this newest Motorola Moto’s Z series, the smartphone will run Android 9 pie out of the box and is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 octa-core processor. You will get a 4GB of memory(RAM) and 128 GB of internal storage with up to 512GB of micro SD expandable storage.

Also, the device comes with an in display fingerprint sensor and the smartphone promises a battery life of up to 2 Days. Because of its 6.4 inch Max Vision OLED display Movies, games and photos should look stunning on the screen. Its screen-to-body ratio is 85%. 3600mAh is also the largest ever on a Moto Z series.

Additionally, the device is equipped with a 3.5mm headphone jack and the largest megapixel rear camera sensor that uses the Quad Pixel technology. Its front camera spots an equally impressive 25-megapixel sensor. Also, the Z4 rear camera includes a 4X better light sensitivity and optical image stabilization with AI-guided portrait lightening, supports Google lenses and much more.

Motorola releases a 48 Megapixel camera with 5G upgradable motoZ4
The 360-degree camera moto mod, which is giving away for free with moto z4(Credit: Motorola)

Physically the Moto Z4 isn’t too dissimilar from its predecessor moto Z3. Moto Z4 measuring 6.4 inches when compared to the 6.01 inches of the z3. Motorola ditched its side mounted fingerprint sensor and it integrated into the display instead.

Motorola is selling the unlocked version of smartphone at a price tag of $499.99 in a bundle that includes the 360- degree camera moto mod($199.99) for free. This deal will be also available on Amazon too. Also, Verizon offering a moto Z4 in a Flash Gray for $499.99. Also, the company has stated that there will be no other moto z variant will launch this year.

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