Tiger chasing bike riders in Kerala. Watch Viral Video

The Video shows two people Vimal and his friend from Wayanad riding on a bike inside Muthanga Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala. They had a face-to-face encounter with death as tiger chasing them!. Have you ever experienced the same one!!!

The tiger was running towards them on the Kerala-Karnataka border near Wayanad at around 04.30 PM.

Tiger chases bike rider in Kerala

The Video was shared on facebook by forest officials FAWPS( Forests and Wildlife Protection Society) and, it shows two people riding on a bike and one of them noticing a tiger chasing them and disappearing into the jungle at the side of the road.

Now the video of the chase has gone viral on social media. The riders were fortunate for the tiger did not catch up with them. Animals are lucky enough to survive within their natural habitat. But, when humans try to invade their zone, it is quite obvious for them turning out to be dangerous or violent.

So it’s not safe for bikers to travel inside any forest without any security, it is better to travel on any four-wheelers can at least give a protection to the travelers.

The video created quite a stir among people and they started commenting their thoughts on social media. While some were concerned about the tiger and their natural habitat, there were a few who dropped funny comments too.


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