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Top 10 Tips to Prevent Pimples Breakout

Are you stressed over the unwanted pimples on your face? If yes, it’s never too late to get the right steps taken!

Do you belong to an age group of 18-40 or 40+? Well, this article will be significant for all women undergoing the conflict of dealing with acne and pimples.

Top 10 Tips To Prevent Pimples Breakout

A Brief Overview 

Pimples are often also referred to as ‘acne’, wherein, the oil glands of your skin turn out to be overactive and are open to inflamed pores. In addition, the varied bacteria presence can worsen the condition of your pimples on the face.

Pimples can be spotted on any part of your body, but primarily, women face the dilemma of pimples appearing on the face.

Pimples are mostly caused due to genetics, but there are instances when pimples are sparked by the active involvement of ‘Androgen’ hormones.

Often, skin specialists describe pimples to be a ‘common skin disorder’ and it can contribute to the emergence of skin blemishes. According to the dermatologists across the world, there are four prime factors that can cause such as:

  • Skin producing an exceeding amount of oil which can block the pores
  • Skin inflammation
  • Building up the dead skin cells
  • Presence of a specific bacteria named Propionibacterium acnes present in the pores

Ways to prevent the occurrence of pimples

1.Washing your face

This is the first and foremost step to keep your skin free from pimple. Makes sure to wash your face twice and keep it clean as well as maintain the hygiene. Do not wash your face at frequent intervals because over-washing can lead to pimple worsening.

Washing your face
1. Washing your face

Pimples can be prevented by making sure that your skin is free from excess dirt and oil. Avoid the usage of harsh face cleansers as it can make your skin dry and rough. The best advice would be to add an alcohol-free cleanser into your facial kit.

Wash your face with warm water and apply a mild cleanser in a circular motion. Rinse it off with utmost care and pat dry. Popular beliefs suggest that accumulation of dirt is the primary cause of too many pimples. Cleaning your face with warm water can remove the dead skin cells and prevent skin inflammation.

2.Understanding the type of your skin

Regardless of the skin type, pimples can be found on any kind of skin. But, between all kind of skin, oily skin is most prone to the emergence of pimples. Oily skin comprises of excessive production of oily sebum by the sebaceous glands, contributing to the many pimples.

Understanding the type of your skin
2. Understanding the type of your skin

Next, combination skin (a mix of dry and oily skin) is the second most prone skin type for pimples. The oily areas can be nose or forehead, which are also preferably known as ‘T-zone’. If you have a better understanding of the skin type, it will be easier for you to choose the various skin care products.

3.Moisturizing your skin 

Careful skin moisturizing is highly important to experience the glow of healthy skin.Moisturizers can make your skin turn out to be hydrated. But today, a lot of the moisturizers available in the market are composed of synthetic fragrance, essence oil, and other unspecified ingredients which can arouse skin irritation.

Moisturizing your skin
3. Moisturizing your skin

If you want to enjoy the beauty of a pimple-free skin, make sure to use a non-fragrance and oil-free natural moisturizer after the face wash. There are different kinds of moisturizers which can suit the skin types such as oily, dry, or combination, respectively.

4.Avoid harsh scrubbing 

Refrain yourself from harsh scrubbing, especially while washing your face. At times, we see women, scrubbing the skin with the use of a rough cloth pad. And such instances should be avoided for better results.

Avoid harsh scrubbing
4. Avoid harsh scrubbing

Using rough means can cause skin irritation and can worsen the condition of existing pimples.

The right way to scrub would be:

  • Apply the cleanser on your palm
  • Apply on your face with clean hands or soft cloth/brush
  • Massage gently

5.Do not squeeze the pimples

You may be tempted to squeeze the pimple but, no matter how inclined you are, avoid touching the pimples and acne. Squeezing or touching the pimples can burst them and can make your face turn out to be scary and inflamed. You can better approach for topical treatment. Your hands might consist of numerous bacteria which can infect your pimples, in case of squeezing. Popping pimples can cause bleeding and infested with infections.

Do not squeeze the pimples
5. Do not squeeze the pimples

6.Topical treatment 

Use of topical treatments or ‘over-the-counter’ treatment can minimize the breakout of pimples. It contains either of the following – Salicylic acid, sulfur, and Benzoyl peroxide. Over-the-counter treatment is beneficial in treating the pimples and also eliminates the side effects such as dryness, irritation, or high redness. Pimples mostly occur in the following areas such as chin, nose, and forehead.

Topical treatment for pimples
6. Topical treatment for pimples

7. Keep yourself hydrated 

Dehydration enables the oil gland of your skin to produce more oil and produces a dull appearance along with the increase in redness and inflammation. To avoid the pimple breakout, make it a constant habit of drinking at least 8-ounce glass of water every day.

8. Less makeupWomen and makeup, the connection is quite deep and intact. Put a limit!

Most of us often make the mistake of applying makeup to conceal our pimples. But such an act can trigger the pimple breakout with much severity. Ensure that you apply makeup with a limitation, such as avoid heavy foundation and focus on fragrance-free products. Use of oily shampoos, shaving cream, or face washes, can enhance the spotting of pimples

Less makeup – Women and makeup, the connection is quite deep and intact. Put a limit
8. Less makeup

9. Avoid too much sun exposure

Sun rays are harmful to pimples and might display the side-effects in the long run. Consistent exposure of pimples to the sun can cause dehydration and will result in the production of excessive oil which leads to blockage of pores. Ensure to wear a sunscreen cream when you go out on a sunny day. Choose a sunscreen cream which is oil-free and protects your pimple from an unexpected break.

Avoid too much sun exposure
9. Avoid too much sun exposure

10. Use of tea tree oil for preventing pimples

Tea tree oil is considered to be a traditional treatment for preventing pimple. Take a few drops of tea tree oil and apply it over the infected area. You can also mix a few drops of tea tree oil in your daily moisturizer or cleanser. Before applying on the major area, ensure to do a patch test and see whether it causes irritation.

Use of tea tree oil
10. Use of tea tree oil

Pimples have become a common part of our body and it might be due to genetics, hormonal variation, or poor diet. They are frustrating but at times, it can cause permanent scarring, which can lead a person to anxiety or stress.

The best and the easiest natural way of eliminating pimple breakout is to keep your skin clean.

So, let’s follow these steps and chase away the pimples with the right care!


Written by Meera V Nair

Meera V Nair is a professional and a multi-faceted writer and blogger, engaged in developing blogs and articles centered around health, fitness, and lifestyle. Her prime motive in writing is to develop an insightful article to create awareness about a topic/issue among the target viewers in society.

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