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Tuberculosis, Aware About the World’s Leading Infectious Killer

Unable to get an answer? Or perplexed over the question?

Well, we are talking about Tuberculosis (TB), which is the top cause of thousands and millions of death occurring every year worldwide.

According to a report released by WHO (World Health Organization), an approximate of 10 million people were diagnosed with TB whereas 1.6 million people succumbed to the ill effects of Tuberculosis.

Whereas, UN (United Nations) has revealed that TB causes several deaths than HIV or Malaria and is a prime cause of antimicrobial resistance associated deaths.

Defining Tuberculosis!

We might be aware of the term ‘Tuberculosis’ but yet, most of us do not have a clearer vision of the term.

Tuberculosis is a highly infectious disease which affects our lungs and is one of the leading causes of death for women aged between 15 and 44. It is an airborne pathogen wherein the bacteria that generate TB can be spread via air. (coughing, sneezing, laughing, or talking)


Categorizing Tuberculosis

TB can be segregated into two kinds of infections – Latent TB and Active TB

During the latent TB infection, the bacterial presence remains within our body in an inactive form. They do not show any symptoms and are not contagious by nature, but there are chances of these bacteria turning out to be active.


On the other hand, active TB depicts symptoms which can be easily transmitted to others.

Generally, most of the patients suffering from TB fall under the category of latent TB and only around 10% of the latent TB turns out to be active.

Signs and Symptoms of Tuberculosis

If the necessary treatment isn’t initiated on time, TB can spread drastically to other body parts via bloodstreams such as bones, brain, liver, kidneys, and heart. TB can cause meningitis in the brain and can also affect the heart’s ability to pump the blood.


The most popularly executed diagnostic test to detect TB is to perform a skin test wherein a small injection is inserted beneath the inside of your forearm. The injection is made of PPD tuberculin which is an extract of the TB bacterium.

If the injected area gets swollen and turns out to be hard, it gives a signal of the TB presence.

Tuberculosis Diagnosis

Treating Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis can be treated with the right dose of medicines and antibiotics. People who suffer from latent TB need to consume one kind of antibiotic whereas people suffering from active TB needs multiple drugs.

The usual period for taking up antibiotics is generally 6 months. Over dosage can lead to certain adverse effects such as dark urine, fever, vomiting, nausea, and much more.

TB can be prevented by taking care of yourself, such as covering your mouth with a mask, etc.


People suffering from health disorders such as cancer, diabetes, or kidney disease are more prone to suffer from TB.

Getting TB detected and treated at the right time can save your life and help you live longer! Forget not, it’s the world’s leading infectious killer!


Written by Meera V Nair

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