Why every woman should experience a solo trip

Why every woman should experience a solo trip

Discover yourself with a solo trip! Every single minute in your life gives you a chance to learn something. This may be something like problem-solving, managing multiple things, etc.

As a solo trip traveler, I have experienced good as well as bad experiences. Even the world changed a lot there are things still not changed. One among them is the attitude towards women when she spotted alone. But it is quite interesting accepting this kind of challenges in life and overcome the worst moments in your life.

10 reason women should travel alone.

1. Finding yourself

Traveling alone will give you time to find the inner beauty and courage in yourself. You may come across situations like managing difficult situations. More than everything being alone will make you think more about yourself. you will find answers for What you want to eat right now, where you want to go, what is your favorite dress etc.

2. You will learn to enjoy the present

Commonly women are always thinking too much. They always worry about tiny problems especially about kids and family members since all these things are managed. But when you start a trip alone you will be more conscious about the things you want to do at present. And more curious about the next place you are going to.

Why every woman should experience a solo trip

3. Easy to maintain your budget

If you going on a family vacation, you can’t imagine how much going to spends. Also, it is difficult to stay where ever a place is available. You will be more adamant in facilities and security.

4. Love to be alone

It is very hard to be alone in our life. But it is a fact that we should accept we may become alone in this busy life. Because nobody can’t always follow and protect you. A solo trip will come to know who you are.

Why every woman should experience a solo trip

5. Come out of your comfort zone and increase your confidence level

Everyone lives in their comfort zone which minimizes the risk level in life. To travel alone to the places that you have never before is absolutely come out by breaking a safe shell. This will definitely offer you a new sky to fly and enjoy the maximum.

6. Fill your basket with friends

Being a social animal we will face situations like trust an unknown. The riskiest phase of being alone but maybe there is no other go. on the positive side, this will lead you to create friends all over the world. Trust me I made a bunch of travel hunger through my tripe life. And this is a never-ending process. Some of these unknown contacts will touch your heart and become your besties.

7. Open your eyes widely to see the unseen

While you travel with a family you won’t get enough time to enjoy things the way you want. You will be more concerned about the quality of food and safety about the place you visit when you travel with your family. As a solo, it will give you chances to enjoy the food you want to tray the adventure activities, etc.

Why every woman should experience a solo trip

8. Do things beyond time

You won’t follow any time table or routine. You can do whatever you want to do and wherever you want to go. Simply it is a reflection of freedom from your pressurized life.

9. Experience is the best master

You won’t make the same mistake twice. Once you learn things from your experience it is the best source. The next time you can execute things more precisely and in a better way.

10. Master of planning

You become the master of planning things. When you handled things alone this will give you a boost to plan anything alone. When the entire arrangements did alone and it executed well make proud of yourself.

“I did it alone and I am so happy”

This will be the final output and it is not a small thing. Think about people who still live with just dreaming to travel alone and enjoy their life.  Use the chances and every time opportunities won’t hit your door. Be independent and enjoy the beauty of your life. Fill your life with colors which won’t fade away. Years after this will become the evergreen cherishing memories that live and left with you.


Written by Meera Das

A techie traveler and bike rider who believes "The best adventures come from traveling outside of your comfort zone".The love for nature, wilderness, art, and culture facilitate to turn her experience into words and make it reach out for the world.


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